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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Welcome to our blog. You've found the blog that will take you coast to coast spreading the gospel through a motorcycle ministry. Patty and I enjoyed riding our motorcycle spreading God's love through our personal testimony.
                           It started out on a "Horse" and ended up on a "Hog"
   Eddie and Patty met in 2003 at Christ United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Christ Church was holding a divorce workshop. Eddie and Patty had recently been through horrible divorces.  Both had been married for 16 years when their paths crossed at the church. Spending the weekend together at the workshop, they became friends. Neither one expecting to develop a lasting relationship. But as it grew week after week, they found their love of  Christ, newly found church, and relationship growing ever stronger.
   Eddie was a self made entrepreneur in the landscape business. Patty was a young vibrant successful pharmaceutical sales representative.  They had both come to a crossroad in life no one could imagine. Patty started having double vision while working.  Then her left foot began to drop. The doctors were slow to diagnose her illness.  Finally, the doctors ordered an MRI which showed lesions on her brain and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Patty worked and additional 4 years until her right leg started to curl under making it impossible to walk. Patty could no longer keep up with the high demands of her career. She went on long-term disability and was ready to quit living life as she knew it. Eddie saw past her MS and knew she had plenty to offer this world with her captivating smile and extreme love for Christ.
   As the years pasted, their love grew stronger for each other and Christ.  Patty and Eddie, with blessings from above, decided to marry. The horrific problem with MS is the uncertainty from one day to the next how the body will respond.  Some days are reasonably predictable but others make it difficult to get out of bed or even go to the bathroom on her own.  Having said all this, they both decided to marry in a hot air balloon. The ride was spectacular.  The day was perfect.  Winds of  2 miles per hour, sunny and warm with hardly a cloud in the sky.  Unbelievably, the balloons name was "God's Promise".  God works in mysterious ways and they couldn't be happier.
   Eddie was looking for a way to get Patty out of the house. He heard that riding horses was good therapy for MS. After a disappointing experience with horseback riding, this was not the answer they were looking for. On the drive home, brainstorming for an answer, it hit him. Eddie says "I know what we can do! We'll buy a HOG."  Surprised, Patty says  " You're not getting me to on a pig." Forbidden to get on a motorcycle growing up, she didn't realize that Harley Davidson Motorcycles were referred as "HOGS".
   In 2007, they purchased their first Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide motorcycle.  Their travels have taken them to Sturgis, SD, the Colorado mountain's, Daytona beach FL, and many fund raising rally's. They have logged over 51, 000 miles on their "iron horse."  Patty smiles real big as she explains, "I might not be able to walk but I can RIDE!"  In 2011 while on their Sturgis, SD trip they hit a deer head on. The bike was totaled but they were still upright. Christ was leading their way and they didn't lay the bike down or get a scratch on either of them.  They have purchased a 2012 Harley Davidson TriGlide Trike motorcycle and wasted no time replacing Christ on the front of the bike and the back says "He died for me I live for Him".
   Not a single person can keep a dry eye as they hear them share their miraculous stories. They both avidly agree that the bike was by far the best decision they've ever made regarding treatments of this debilitating disease. Eddie and Patty are an inspiration to be around. Patty says she can't look at herself as a victim. Eddie says she just allows God to use her willpower and beautiful smile to encourage others to seek happiness and live life to the fullest. God is the center of  their lives.
   They have both become certified lay speakers through the United Methodist Church. On July 1, 2011, Eddie started the "Million Miles 4 Christ Ministry".   Their dream is to sell everything they own and buy a motor home in order to do what God has called them to do. They plan to travel coast to coast sharing their testimony of Christ love, hope, and inspiration. They rely strictly on faith and donations to achieve this goal.  Book them to speak at your church or special event now!